What you will find here is not the exact translation of the text of Lurya Praum (his portrait as a coin icon is at top left), the ancient thinker of the Lara people whose considerations led to the conception of the Lara language. You will read a modern revision owing to the quite fair difficulty needed for the comprehension of the manuscript (in fact it was indenspensable the first revision performed by Kostas and achieved during hard "years" of work!). It is immediately perceived a deep difference between the Praumi and the most common occidental thought (scientific-economical) and perhaps some resemblance with a certain oriental thought.

If we presume that there are three distinguishable nodal elements: Spirit (Huma), Thought (Tia) and Nature (Pra), the aim of the Lara philosophy is to direct the first one (Huma) to Serenity (Moba) derived from Pra by means of Tia.
Huma represents the mood, inner pure and explosive energy, binded to the body.
Pra represents the environment, exterior world with all its manifestations, felt in a sensorial way by eyes, nose, mouth and body.
Tia represents the human mind, supplied by rationality, hub of the Lara paths, that express itself through the word, basic means for the final purpose.
The Lara Paths are schematized in the symbol shown here and which you can also find at top right in the home page.
SimboloLara.jpgThe heart (Sula) it's a symbol of Huma.
The dot in the center (Ina) it's a symbol of Tia.
The sun (Faha) it's a symbol of Pra.
These are connected each other by the Paths. Main paths are those connecting Huma to Pra. But it's always possible (not necessary) the intervention of Tia on them. In fact the main paths, that in order of time are Pra-Huma and then after Huma-Pra, always occur in a natural way.
Ex. of Pra-Huma: it's a sunny day (Pra) that arouses gladness in our Huma;
Ex. of Huma-Pra (following stage): if there was sadness inside Huma, which made disagreeable the sensations derived from Pra, now Huma that has joy, receives agreeable sensations not only from the sun in the sky, but from the whole Pra, since the former path (transformation of Huma by means of Pra) realized the latter one (transformation of Pra by means of Huma).
The latter path represents the target of Lara action.
The easy examples shown above [...]